Contemplating a Meme

Let’s start simply with a definition. According to Wikipedia, the term “meme” has its origins in social evolution… blah, blah, blah, and… skip to the good part. Considering a meme in its current usage, I’d suggest it as a composition, using pop-culture imagery juxtapositioned against a short line or two of text, often in an attempt at irony. Utilizing pop icons and their respective culturally-shared references allows for generous assumptions. Therefore, a meme, at a quick glance, essentially is like a shared joke. Yuk, yuk, nudge, nudge.

A cursory browse through or suggests an audience with an infinity for geeky things or possibly My Little Pony. Another consideration? Perhaps I’m a tad out of touch and longing for the intelligence claimed by the geek. So I sit down to a couple of MLP episodes in hopes of understanding the background behind MLP memes.

My Little Pony Memes

Oodles of rainbows, cotton candy clouds, fields of popcorn, chocolate rain, global unrest, teenage girl drama and a smidgen of tolerance later—I’m not loving the shit out of anything and I’m craving a chocolate bar. But, the show is about magical friendships and like any worthy television program, whatever problems arise are tidily resolved within thirty minutes to an hour.

What can be deduced from the MLP meme example shown, like it or not, is that friendships are magical, and love and tolerance are key to their existence. With furrowed eyebrows and a downturned mouth, Rainbow Dash illustrates focus in her determined expression and drives the message home, “I’m gonna tolerate and love the shit outta you.” In other words, BFF.

Baby Godfather Memes

MLP memes may have furrowed my brow with misunderstanding, but the memes depicting “baby godfather” caused eruptions of laughter.

I friggin’ love the one that demands revenge against the SOB who took the little guy’s nose. Honestly, retribution should be sought against the guy that started the “I got your nose” scare tactic with children. A similar idea emerges from BG’s bias against nursery rhymes. Just because you sing-song a frightening story doesn’t mean the violence turns cutesy.

The expressiveness of BG works brilliantly to convey the depth of his anger and his position on the injustices children suffer for the sake of amusement. No longer an adorable baby in a tux, BG’s knitted brows, urgent downward pointed finger and wide challenging stance serve as an apt portrayal of a mob boss, instead. Even though I’ve never seen The Godfather (yes, I’ve just crawled out from under a rock), I instantly understand the humor in the baby godfather memes—I’m finally “in” on the joke.

View my meme creations on my Web site or the alternate site. And let me preface your journey by informing you that the Web site you’re about to visit is based on an assignment using only basic HTML and tables. I’m looking forward to learning CSS and an opportunity to use more advanced methods of Web site creation.


~ by lookATLANTA on September 25, 2011.

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