Creative Writing

The Writing Talents of Laurie Hudson

Creative writing is my passion, but it’s my least developed skill, thus far, in my educational journey. I’ve discovered that I love the process of character development the most. In a story, everything is game under the scrutiny of character development—the scene, the dog in the scene, even inanimate objects. I was just thinking yesterday, as a big fan of the television program Grey’s Anatomy, the house that Derek and others are building on the hill overlooking the city has character that’s being developed throughout the progression of the show. In the early episodes, the vacant land offered the human characters comfort and escape; the land with markers identifying the floor plan offered vision and hope; and the act of constructing the home’s frame in a more recent show gave the show’s characters opportunities to bond, vent and grow, much like the rising structure of the home. This example of character development has been with the program from its inception—all the way to the present. Everything is game under the scrutiny of character development.

I’ve learned that excellent character development is what keeps the story’s heartbeat pulsing. Readers become invested and relationships are nurtured with well-developed characters. Ultimately, they respond with genuine emotion throughout the varying events that occur. Through the process of honing my character development skill, I created a flash fiction piece entitled “Gus on the Bus,” about losing faith and misconceptions. I hope you enjoy this piece from my own collection.


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