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The Writing Talents of Laurie Hudson

Journalism is ideally accomplished in the digital realm. Although the concise nature of the writing hasn’t changed, there’s so much more to offer those readers captured by a particular news story. The use of hyperlinks and photographic slideshows extend the potential for breadth in a story.

My biggest source of pride in my craft  as a writer is conducting an interview and fashioning the experience into a feature article. Each time a person agrees to be interviewed, they are extending an offer of trust—trust that I will guide them past any fears of being interviewed and that I will ultimately make them shine in the resulting feature. I work hard to earn that trust. My interviews are more like a chat with an old friend. Put at ease, people will respond with enthusiasm to a good listener, and without realizing it, they’ll have contributed some useful quotes and content to formulate an excellent feature.

During my tenure at Georgia Gwinnett College, both as a student and an employee, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and writing about a number of facinating people—students and faculty, alike. Included in this portion of my portfolio are examples that celebrate a few of GGC’s shining stars.

And, of course, please peruse my blog posts for additional examples of my writing.


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